Radioactive Antlion [Source]

AI Prototype (2014)


For a while now I’ve wanted to prototype different kinds of enemy AI. In my opinion it’s good exercise for the brain and helps you stay on your toes. I’ll be using the antlion NPC from Half-Life 2 as my starting point. They’re generally pretty interesting in terms of character design and how they stand out from other AI in Half-Life 2. I’m going to stick with entities only (whatever is quicker right?). Here are my end results.

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Combine Antlion Buddy AI [Source]

Prototype (2013)


Been recently spending more time working in Source SDK now that Bioshock: Infinite is finished. I’ve been neglecting those tingles in the back of my mind that drive me to make these tiny nugget prototypes. Believe me, it wasn’t easy!┬áThe idea of a combine soldier working together with an Antlion seemed like a fun opportunity to change up the pacing of combat and tell a new story.

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