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Job : On Bioshock Infinite I helped plan/script two levels along with making numerous prefabs.

Towards the later part of development I was added to the "Liz Squad".

As a member of the Liz Squad, it was our duty to script everything Liz-related for one level.

This includes: her interactions with the player, AI, environments, and side narrative.

I also shipped DLC pack 1 and worked on a bit of 2 and 3.

Job : Helped design a bus themed zombie level that allowed players to ride from area to area.

It was a twist on Treyarch's traditional zombie maps and would eventually become the

flagship map for Black Ops 2 Zombies.

Job : On Black Ops I worked as a designer on the Annihilation map pack. The new map,

Shangri La, was a jungle themed zombie map. The level was designed in layers that

overlapped, allowing players to easily traverse through the map. New features included

geysers (jump pads) and a shrink ray gun.

Job : For Singularity I worked on several different missions. I also scripted: Combat Sequences,

Puzzles, Buddy Ai, and a Mini Boss battle. I also prototyped out a Multiplayer Game Mode and

several game mechanic ideas. On the art side, I helped set dress and I optimized for


Job : During my time on Wolfenstein, I created and reworked over five levels along with

scripting and set dressing. I also helped brainstorm a boss battle and several cinematics.

Job : Using the Counter Strike:Source editor I created several environments and gameplay

spaces for mods and multiplayer maps.

Info : Prototypes and Polygons is a blog I started to keep track of the doodles I make in my

spare time. This blog shows off my more experimental side and gives you a glimps behind the


Download : Moddb

Job : The gameplay goes back and forth between a 2D puzzle game and a FPS platformer.

As the last working janatorial robot in aperture, you must manually fix glitches and viruses in

the mainframe computer. The puzzles are centered around a grid that the player places

patterns on. Placing them correctly on the grid repairs a piece of the mainframe.

Download : N/A

Job : Chell's Legend is a mod for the game Portal. It blends platforming, puzzle solving, and

story. During the development of this mod I created all level geometry, custom props, textures,

skins, and animations.

Download : Moddb

Job : I created a few sequences for Darth Brush's - Dead Before Dawn.

In one of the later portions of the campaign, I created a special co-op event

where players had to hoist a giant air conditioner to the roof. This event had three

possible scenarios that would be randomly selected on each play-through.

I also wrote all of the vo for each scenario.